Logging in through web interface

The following applet will allow you to launch a Gnome desktop session to ECCO in a 1024x768 window. If you prefer the KDE desktop, follow this link. IMPORTANT:
  • The provided NX session cannot be used if this is your first login, please refer to the First Login guide.
  • This method will NOT work on OSX 10.8+ or higher, and possibly Windows 8 and higher. If you run those operating systems, or encounter problems with this method, you will have to install the full desktop client, and MUST follow the instructions on this page.
  • If you prefer a bigger desktop, follow this link (note: Linux users do not need this, as their NX client dynamically resizes).
  • If you don't know which desktop to choose, try this article, but in the meantime, use the client on this page.
This page may request to download some files to your computer if it detects an older version of the software or no software at all.