Participating Sites

Site Course number Room Contact email
Cornell University,
Economics/Information Science
INFO 7400/
ECON 7400/
ILRLE 7400
Ives Hall 109 Lars Vilhuber
University of California, Irvine Econ 249 SBSG 1511 Matthew Freedman
University of Wisconsin – Madison TBD Brent Hueth
University of Minnesota Willey 29 Michael Oakes
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas n.a. TBD Wenhua Di
University of Colorado Boulder, Institute of Behavioral Science (IBS) GEOG7840 IBS 390 Jani Little
University of Missouri-Columbia Economics 9085 Strickland Hall 117 Jake Cronin
Ross School of Business
at the University of Michigan
BE845 Ross R4020 Joelle Abramowitz
Duke University (Triangle RDC) ECON 690-99 (9624) Gross Hall 230E Gale Boyd
U.S. Census Bureau TBD TBD Renee Ellis
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center n.a. TBD Alyce Ashcraft

If you are a course instructor or interested in participating, please see our site registration page. Past participating sites can be found here.

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