Information on how to submit the final class project

Please ensure that all of your presentations note
  • your name
  • date presented
  • the class (INFO4470)
  • the university (Cornell University). Logo is optional, but if using a Cornell logo, you should use the ones offered at
This information can be prominent or tucked into a corner/footnote, that is your choice, but it should be present. For program code (data analysis or web application), this information should also be included in every single source code file.
For those of you submitting presentations:
  • please submit the presentation in its original format (for Prezi or other online tools, that would be a stable URL)
  • if applicable, submit an archival format of the presentation (in the case of Prezi, download the playable app, or better, invite me as a editor (, as I can download an offline editable version.
  • in all cases, produce a PDF of the presentation. You should check that the PDF replicates the key features of the presentation. In the case of Prezi, the PDF will be a screenshot of each point in the path. In the case of Powerpoint, you will see the page after all animations have run their course.
If you do not have Acrobat Pro, use a open-source PDF creation tool (such as PDFCreator or CutePDF).
For those of you submitting website applications:
  • please submit the URL for the website, if not hosted on the class server
  • submit a ZIP/tar archive of the website as of a specific date, accompanied by installation instructions. The installation instructions should note the date the archive was made, and list all requirements for installation. This applies in all cases, whether you ran it on the class server or your own.
  • The source code should be cleanly documented.
  • a screencast capture of your presentation driving the website would be great, but is not required.
For those of you who did data analysis using statistical software (Stata, R, Python):
  • please submit the (well-documented) programs used to prepare and analyze the data
  • submit either a URL for the source of the data, or the actual data used in the analysis.
Public accessiblity
We remind all that all information in the presentation and submitted materials will be publicly viewable at, and we intend to keep links to the presentations up for the foreseeable future. (We may put up a more compact page of links to all the projects, instead of the course outline page)
We remind all that the Cornell Code for Academic Integrity applies.
If the above instructions don't fit your project, or cause some problem, talk to us before the deadline.