Lab 3: Course Project Preview

Complete the following questions regarding your course project (see Word template).
  1. Title of project:
  2. Outline: Provide a bullet outline of the project
    • What is the question you are answering?
    • The message you want to convey?
    • The story you want to tell?
  3. Data
    • Sources: List all data sources, including URLs (with citation dates) and metadata/documentation URLs.
    • State the primary quality issues involved in analyzing these data.
    • How do you plan to address the data quality issues.
  4. Does your project involve ...
    • ...statistical data analysis? If so, describe the methods and software you are using.
    • ...graphical displays or visualization? If so, describe the methods and software you will use.
    • … database or human-computer interaction components? If so, describe them.
  5. How will you present the results of your project:
    • paper, presentation, web site?
    • What are the required visualization tools: pre-rendered, interactive?
    • Do you have the tools available? If not, what do you need to get them?
Lab results should be emailed by Thursday, February 10, 10:00am (the day before the lab) to both the instructors: and