Lab 1: Apportionment

  • Come up with an implementation of a apportionment calculator that works for you. An Excel example is provided here. Other tools are allowed. Commented source code should be provided.
  • Choose an alternate apportionment rule. Explain why it might make sense (hint: multiple apportionment rules have been used before in the US, and elsewhere in the world. There is no wrong answer for this.)
  • (Re)compute the Nov 2010 elections 3 ways: using 2000 districts (the actual election results), using 2010 districts, and using 2010 districts that are computed using your chosen alternate rule. You will have to figure out how you will allocate the changed seats per state to each party (explain).
  • Report the results using the attached template spreadsheet.
Lab results should be emailed by Monday, January 31 at 10:00am to the instructors: or